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Mardi Gras Food Ideas & Where To Find It

New Orleans is a melting pot of food. There are so many different types of cuisine to taste while visiting the city. When visiting during the Mardi Gras festival you may experience long waiting times at restaurants. No worries, there are lots of options for grabbing a quick bite. Throughout the city, you’ll find plenty of food trucks, casual dining, and cafés. Food trucks are a great option for grabbing a bite while on the go, keep your eyes peeled as the trucks will most-likely be parked nearby the different events. Look for casual dining outside of the French Quarter as this will be your best bet for finding a table. There are tons of cafés located around NOLA, perfect for grabbing a coffee in the morning and a sandwich for lunch. Many cafés will also offer Wi-Fi to guests. Finally, try booking a hotel with a bar or restaurant, this will make it easier and more convenient when the city is at its busiest. Here are the best ways to grab food during Mardi Gras.

Food Trucks

Most of the food trucks change their location daily, so you’ll have to keep a lookout while exploring the city. Some trucks to watch out for include Food Drunk and Foodie Call. However, now there are a few food trucks that have a permanent address. In the Garden District check out La Cubana for some tasty Cuban and Latin American food. Or Crepes a La Cart is another good choice if you’ll looking for something sweet and savory. The best part is that new food trucks are popping up every year!


There are cafés scattered throughout the city making is super easy to grab some coffee and a quick bite to eat. In the morning, pop in a café for some coffee/tea and a muffin. Many cafés will also have a selection of sandwiches available for purchase. Check out Antoine’s Annex conveniently located in the French Quarter for a delicious full breakfast. If you’re trying to satisfy a sugar craving look no further than La Boulangerie located in the Garden District. This coffee shop is also a full bakery offering a selection of pastries, muffins, pies, and so much more. Finally, for lunch head to Maple Street Patisserie et Deli also located in the Garden District for the perfect deli sandwich.

Casual Dining

Your best bet for grabbing a table during lunch or dinner is outside the French Quarter. This is a nice option for couples or families looking to get away from the crowds for a couple of hours. Casual dining offers the chance to sit down and enjoy your meal. You can’t leave New Orleans without eating some seafood. Head to the Art District and check out Peche Seafood Grill for the best seafood around. If you’re in the mood for Italian stop by the Domenica Restaurant located in the Roosevelt Hotel for a tasty meal.

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