New Orleans Airboat Tours

New Orleans Airboat Tours What Is An Airboat? An airboat is a flat-bottomed watercraft that is propelled by a caged aircraft-type propeller and powered by an automotive engine. Airboats can operate in water as shallow as a few inches, as there are no parts under the water level. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first airboat in […]

Bayou vs. Swamp – What’s the Difference?

Bayou vs. Swamp

There’s a good chance if you’re visiting New Orleans for the first time, you might not be familiar with precisely what a bayou or a swamp is. And what activities can you do on a bayou or a swamp? Bayou Swamp Tours has just the answer you are seeking. Bayou vs. swamp, we’ll tell you the difference. What […]

Best New Orleans Swamp Tours

Discover your adventurous side during a bayou tour of New Orleans. Areas that are usually unreachable by foot can be reached by a boat tour through the shallow waters and canopied marshland revealing the city’s unrivaled beauty. Book a guided tour as an experienced boat captain offers in-depth information on the unique habitat that’s home […]