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Top 4 Best Festivals In New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for the annual Mardi Gras celebration. This colorful festival attracts thousands of people to the streets. However, there are many other festivals that you don’t want to miss. Whether you enjoy music, exotic cuisine, literature, or art, there is a festival for you happening in NOLA. Here are some festivals you should consider attending when visiting the city.

1- Mardi Gras

Recognized as one of the top twenty celebrations in the United States, Mardi Gras is the most famous of all NOLA festivals. Mardi Gras attracts thousands of visitors annually to celebrate the carnival season. Grab a spot to watch one of the sixty parades that move through the streets and take in all of the performers dressed in colorful costumes. You will find lots of people drinking, eating, and dancing during the weeks of celebration. Don’t forget to wear the official colors of Mardi Gras; purple, green and gold.

2- French Quarter Festival

The French Quarter Festival began in 1984 and was started to bring locals back to the area. The festival happens in April and is all about celebrating New Orleans food, music, and culture. Many musicians from around Louisiana come to perform on the twenty-three different concert stages setup around the neighborhood. Expect to hear everything from classic and contemporary jazz to R&B and funk. There’s also plenty of delicious local cuisine and cocktails available for purchase. Note: This is a family friendly festival.

3. Voodoo Music and Arts

Many of the Voodoo traditions were brought to New Orleans by way of the slave trade from West Africa. The West African traditions merged with Catholicism to create New Orleans Voodoo. Today, the Voodoo Museum holds an annual festival celebrating the religion. The festival lasts for three days and attracts artists both local and international to celebrate Voodoo. Check it out!

4. White Linen Night

This unique festival happens during the summer and is a time to remember the days before air conditioning, when it was necessary to where white linen in order to stay cool. Also known as the Dirty Linen Night, the festival was started by local businesses back in 1994. Show up in your best white linens and walk through local art galleries. There is also plenty of food, drinks, and live music.

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