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Top 7 Things to Do When Visiting New Orleans

From spooky cemeteries to the neon lit streets, the “Big Easy” has plenty to offer tourists. Just a stroll down Bourbon Street can prove to be the most memorable experience for those who visit the area, but there are many diverse activities for you to accomplish in your time here.  We’ve rounded up our seven favorite things to do, no matter where you go in New Orleans.

1- Tour The Wicked Past Of NOLA

There is no secret in the tales of voodoo, vampires, witches, and ghosts of New Orleans. Digging into the dark history of the city you will explore Madame LaLaurie’s mansion, well known artist of torture. Afterwards, guests will head to the St. Germaine House—home of the rumored vampire, Jacques St. Germaine. Your mysterious tour guide will teach you about the misleading history of the pharmacies and the concoctions sold to the public. All while you and your group will try to spot the well known ghosts of the area.

2- Indulge In Some Jazz Music

A staple of tourism in the city, The origin of Jazz music is located in none other than on our streets. Take a visit to landmarks like Louis Armstrong Park, Marigny, and Frenchman Street. Informative guides will lead you through the 18th century history of jazz music and the impact it had on the city.

3- Sail Through The Bayou

Welcome to the bayou! Enjoy interacting with our wildlife and experiencing the history of our swamps all lead by highly trained captains. Our airboats will whip you around the Bayou and our pontoon boats will let you relax and take in the scenery. All while meeting our pet baby alligators on tour with you. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience. After all there would be no New Orleans without the Bayou.

4- Take A Sip At Café Du Monde

Over the past 150 years Café du Monde has been a major tourist hot spot. You’ll find a joyful crowd there as people line the establishment from opening till close. Well known for their creamy café au lait and the sugar filled beignets, even the locals run to the French Quarter when cravings hit. Pro Tip: don’t wear black, you’re shirt will be covered in powdered sugar after indulging in one of their beignets.

5- Visit The Above Ground Cemeteries

New Orleans is said to be one of the most supernatural cities in the country. Our cemeteries are just one of our many mysteries. Learn about the cities above ground burial practices. On your visit to the St Louis Cemetery, the first of New Orleans you will walk past the decadent vaults holding centuries worth of stories including the tomb of Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. Don’t miss out on this eerie experience.

6- Learn About Our Military History

The National WWII Museum is the second rated tourist exhibit in the nation, hypnotizing its visitors into the past and giving meaning to the war today. The museum holds captivating multimedia exhibits as well as an extensive amount of artifacts and personal stories. One of the most popular experiences the museum has to offer is riding an original restored P-T boat.

7- The French Quarter – NOT just Bourbon Street

The French Quarter being one of the countries oldest historic district holds many museums, art galleries, street performers, bars, and restaurants for people of all ages. Bourbon Street has amazing nightlife that is filled with beads, booze, bars, and live music. Walking through the French Quarter you will end up in Jackson Square, where St. Louis Cathedral the oldest cathedral in the United States is located. For those looking to spend some extra money, Decatur Street will offer you a shoppers paradise. Take a stroll through the streets of the French Quarter and experience what this beautiful neighborhood has to offer.

Thanks for reading through our top 7 things to do on your trip to the BIG EASY. See you down here!

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