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9 New Orleans Festivals You Do Not Want To Miss

New Orleans is famous for its tasty cuisines, round the clock lifestyle and vibrant music culture. All this can be experienced in its phenomenal festivals. These events are huge tourist attractions bringing thousands of adventurous tourists to New Orleans. Festivals in New Orleans are nothing to miss but is there such a thing as “too many festivals”? In New Orleans, choosing the right festival to attend could be your new headache. Here are nine new festivals that one should not miss when visiting New Orleans.

The Mardi Gras

The Mardis Gras is the biggest and the most popular festivals in New Orleans. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday. Celebrated before the fasting season of lent, the Mardi Gras is a cultural and religious festival that is conducted annually forty seven days before Easter. Those celebrating can be seen in marching parades and parties. One of the most colorful one can attend, the Mardi Gras is surely an unforgettable festival.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

also known as the jazz fest, is an annual music and culture celebration. As the name suggests, it is a jazz festival and perhaps the second largest festival in New Orleans after the Mardi Gras. The festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans. The festival featured a large number of vendors selling local food and crafts so be sure to grab yourself a souvenir to remember your trip by.

Oktoberfest in New Orleans

Oktoberfest is an annual festival in New Orleans celebrating German culture. Those attending the festival are assured of authentic German food, music and dances. Being a family friendly event, kids are also welcome to join the party with games, art and craft as well as family-friendly performances taking a huge part of the day. Here, tourists can also purchase souvenirs from the local crafts showcasing their products at the festival.

New Orleans Food and Wine Festival

New Orleans food and wine festival is where to be if one loves food, wine or both. The five day festival is an extravagant experience with a variety of wines from around the world. The food is handled by the city’s most legendary restaurants to give you an authentic New Orleans food experience. Different wineries are featured at different restaurants making its more convenient for one try as many as possible.

The Essence Festival in New Orleans

The Essence festival is an annual music festival held in New Orleans. It is the biggest festival celebrating African-American culture and music. Genres of music played at the festival are R&B, soul, jazz, reggae, funk blues and hip hop. The festival provides an opportunity for one to interact, learn and have fun with the large crowds of African-American who form the majority number of the attendees.

The Bayou Boogalou Music Festival

The Bayou Boogalou music festival is held in the city park, and is perhaps one of the most fun and budget friendly festivals in New Orleans due to its set up. One can enjoy the rich festival music and food either on land or in water .Being in the park, the festivals” bring your own boat policy” makes it very exciting. The boats should have no motors for noise pollution. Also, just like other festivals that showcase local crafts, the Bayou Boogalou festival has many vendors selling their art and craft to tourists.

Voodoo Music in New Orleans

Voodoo music and art experience commonly referred to as the voodoo fest, this is another annual festival in New Orleans held in October because of Halloween. This has seen the festival become an instant hit with Halloween fans. The festival invites the most prolific artist from various music genres with incredible performance from Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Expect nothing short of fun when you attend the Voodoo Fest.

Coolinary New Orleans

Coolinary New Orleans is a dream come true for those who enjoy food. The event is a collaboration of many restaurants in the French Quarter or Downtown New Orleans. Held in August, the festival is held to offset the few number of tourist in the town during that time of the year. The food is sold fairly cheaply and the event is even cooler than it’s named. Grab yourself something to bite as you engage with the locals for an exciting time at this food fair.

Satchmo Summerfest in New Orleans

Satchmo Summerfest, also called the satchmo fest, is done in celebration of Louis Armstrong – a jazz trumpeter. Held in August to coincide with his birthday, the festival truly commemorates Armstrong and travelers can look forward to enjoying big band jazz, traditional jazz and contemporary jazz.

New Orleans is surely a perfect destination for any adventurous and jolly soul. The festivals, food, music and lifestyle makes it the ideal place to be if one wishes to relax, enjoy themselves and learn about peoples’ cultures (NOLA is also a fantastic hotspot for swamp tours!). The rich culture and exciting festivals might offer all the rejuvenation one needs from the usual hustle and bustle. Join the number of tourists who flock New Orleans every year for festivals you are going to remember.

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